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NSFW: 6 Tips to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Furry Pal at Home

Before we go on any further, this is not a NSFW content. But, make sure your pet is not near you. We do not want them to be suspicious that you might not want them in the bedroom tonight.

We have timed this content to publish on Valentine’s Day, just in case you needed a break – from your pet, of course. We will teach you 6 different ways to keep your pet busy and not disturbing you (and your partner) in the bedroom. Without further ado, lets jump straight into it!

Train your pet to know their boundaries

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Many pet owners do let their furry fam share the bed with them. A good first step is to start training your furry fam to sleep in their own bed and letting them know that your bed is off limits. Training them takes time and effort, so don’t expect to get it right the first time. Repetition is key! Establish a routine for them as you are ready to get in (your) bed, as your furry fam gets in theirs.  

Also, always close your door when things are about to get heated and romantic with your partner. If closing your door doesn’t work (meaning you are hearing your pet crying and scratching the door), we have the second tip next. Read on!

Designated play zone

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So, closing your door does not work. What to do next? Try setting up a designated pet play zone, with their favorite toys and activities, to keep them (happy) and occupied!  It is a good idea to figure out which toys they like best and then use those when you want to keep them out of your way. Here are some fun options!

  • Cats:

  • Dogs:

    • Hide food games around your living space (preferably with their favorite treats!)
    • Get puzzles to keep them occupied! 
    • Let them watch TV (it works like a charm, just like how it worked for kids!)

Train them to be comfortable in their crate

cat in a crate with food, toys and water

Preface: We do not recommend forcing your pet into a crate without any sort of training.

Crate training is a process, so make sure to take things step by step! The goal here is to train your pet to be comfortable in the crate. Below are some steps that you might want to reference:

  • Use the crate as one of their toys: Some pets are extremely fearful of crates. Start by including it in their play zone and get them to be familiar with it
  • Keep the crate door open initially as you train them
  • Bring them out for a joy ride (in the car)
  • Create repetition to make them comfortable while they are in the crate
  • Lastly, here are more resources that you can reference if you are thinking of pursuing this method:

Spotify Pet Playlist (COOL RIGHT?!?)

doggie as a DJ, in front of a turntable

Need some music (for both human and furry)? We found the solution! Spotify has created a way for you to set up playlists for your pets! You need to check out Spotify Pet Playlists! Music works wonders. Set up your furry fam playlist, keep them comfy, and let the tunes keep them calm. Thanks Spotify!

Search for pet hotels or boarding services

This might be an option if you are planning for a staycation, or just a night alone with your partner because of a birthday, anniversary, or celebration! Pet hotels and boarding services offer a plethora of additional services that you can sign up for your pet and keep them pampered!

Another pet, maybe?

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If you only have 1 pet, you might want to consider (after really serious consideration) getting another pet. Just like us humans, our furry fam loves company too! That is also why they may not be giving you the alone time you want. They just want to be with you and have some company!

This should only be an option if you are ready and want to get another pet. Consider reading 10 things to do before you adopt a pet to help guide your decision. Our advice, make sure you are 100% ready to add to the size of your clan before deciding on this path!

Well, you’ve made it to the end. So good luck, stay safe, have fun, and Happy Valentine’s Day from us to you!

PS: Want fun things to do with your furry fam for Valentine’s Day? Click here to learn more!

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