When Pets Stare: 4 Reasons Your Dog and Cat Watch You

When Pets Stare: 4 Reasons Your Dog and Cat Watch You

Oh, you know what we mean. When your dog stares at you: hardcore, in the eye, unwavering. Intense stares while pooping, when you're in the bedroom, and at the dinner table. All at once, your adorable pooch becomes a bit of a creepster. (There's even an Instagram dedicated to the act). So, what gives? Turns out, it's not because your pet likes staring contests. There may be plenty of reasons why they give you the furry version of Resting Bitch Face.

1. They Feel Vulnerable

Dogs feel vulnerable when doing their business. According to Buzzfeed: "Many experts believe dogs do the poop-stare because taking a dump makes them feel vulnerable - and they want to make sure you're keeping them safe while they do it." Yowza. So, it's not that your dog is ashamed or wishing you'd look away. The poor guy wants to keep an eye on you because he's at one of his most vulnerable moments. After all, it would be rather challenging to flee from danger while doing his thing.

tan dog staring at camera

2. They Want Something

Their staring at you may be as innocent as that. They may want or need something...from a pat on the head, to a cuddle or even a snack. Staring may be your pet's way of getting your attention. (And it works, right?)

cat staring at camera

3. They're Being Territorial

We're referring to the cases when dogs stare at you when you're uh, in the bedroom. But it could be as innocent as when you're getting a hug from a friend. Some dogs' have a primal instinct that goes a bit batty when their owner is experiencing affection. Remember, dogs are emotional, just like humans. They may experience jealousy, separation anxiety or even confusion. It can come down to something as simple as habits - maybe your dog is just used to being by your side - constantly. And it can even vary by breed.

black pug sitting at table next to meringue pie

4. They Want Your Food

Yup. Who doesn't salivate and sneak glances at yummy dishes being served up in restaurants when you're waiting for your own meal to arrive? Even if you don't toss your dog the occasional dinner biscuit or Sunday morning pancake, he or she can still appreciate a good meal. The problem is, they may do it with crocodile-like eyes, watching you from across the table while drooling. If you want to nip this, an easy approach is to feed your furry pal at the same time you're eating, so everyone can enjoy their meal together.
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