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Healthybud Beef Liver Treats for Dogs 4.6 oz

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Helps your dog's mobility & reduces pain! Your bud looking stiff or slow? Are they prone to hip & joint issues? Grab a bag of these nutritious soft chews to help get that pep back in their step! Formulated alongside veterinarians and animal nutritionists, the Beef Joint Booster is made with all-natural ingredients to improve hip & joint health by providing a unique combination of superfoods like Green Lipped Mussel, Yucca Schidigera Extract, and Turmeric which help hip & joint mobility while reducing inflammation and preventing the pain associated with it. Packed with delicious flavors and nutritious ingredients, this chew is a great palatable & preventative solution for pets suffering from osteoarthritis and joint issues.

  • No artificial additives, fillers, or animal by-products
  • For healthy joints
  • Helps reduce pain & inflammation
  • Helps increase mobility
  • Suitable for dogs of any size and age

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Julia H.

My dog goes crazy with these. I mostly use it for trainings, because he’s so motivated to get the treat he would do anything. He listens and behaves.

Mary I.

My dog like so much this food and I love that he is happy when I buy it for him. He love especially this type


Been giving my dog Joint Booster crumbled over his meals for a while now. He reqlly likes them as a treat too! He's still young to see the benefits, but he's an overall healthy pup and happy to know he'll be in good shape as he grows!


Finding something that Magnus really values in terms of taste but that I also value in terms of nutrition is really important. We get that with healthybud - Magnus approves!


Tellement contente d'avoir découvert ces produits. Il peut être difficile de trouver des marques de gâteries qui sont non seulement canadiennes mais aussi bonne pour la santé de mon chien! Ma chienne est encore jeune mais comme elle est très active, nous prévenons en commençant déjà à lui donner quelques Joint Booster par-ci par-là, avec les deux autres sortes. Notre chienne les adore!

Katie Pitre

My pup is obsessed withthese treats. We use them to help with his on leash walking.


My pup hasn’t experienced too many aches and pains, but we are sure to be proactive with her health. Im sure to give her joint boosters after we go for runs, or have extra exciting play dates. She loves the flavour!

Jesse Kenny

My dogs really enjoy the extra flair it gives their food. And I love the healthy ingredients.

IG: ServiceDogNipper

I'm using these as a training aid by chopping them in half and mixing them with kibble in my treat bag party mix. He loves these! They're soft to chew and make an effective reward. Besides, they're so much healthier than pepperoni.

Cara Herrington

We got this joint product in a box as a sample and my puppies loved it so we started ordering it for them. They love it and it is a quick and easy addition to their food. We are worried about their joints as they are corgis, but since they are young, I wasn't ready to go to full vitamins. So happy we found these.